About Us

African Botanic Ltd., headquartered in the United Kingdom, is experiencing an impressive surge in growth as we strive to achieve our vision of becoming the premier supplier of pristine, raw, and naturally sourced commodities, all gifts of Mother Nature herself. Our diverse and extensive portfolio boasts a rich array of treasures, including rare wild herbs, seeds, spices, timber, and an array of other invaluable resources. These bounties are carefully procured from an array of diverse regions, ranging from the verdant landscapes of Angola, the dense and diverse ecosystems of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the sun-drenched plains of South Africa, to the awe-inspiring, cloud-kissed mountains of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

What truly sets us apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to preserving the delicate equilibrium of Mother Nature. We have adopted a proactive approach to safeguarding the environment, a pledge manifested in our practice of replanting each plant, tree, or herb we harvest not just once or twice but a hundredfold. This conscientious effort effectively mitigates deforestation, ensuring a future for our planet that remains sustainable and abundant in natural beauty and resources.

In addition to our environmental stewardship, African Botanic Ltd. takes immense pride in its role as a contributor to the well-being of local communities across Africa. Our commitment extends to the active fostering of economic growth by generating employment opportunities for local farmers and processors. By doing so, we not only uplift their livelihoods but also strengthen the very fabric of the communities that call these regions their home. In this way, we play a vital role in enhancing the overall prosperity and quality of life in these diverse and vibrant areas of the African continent.

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