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Bitter Kola Nut | Garcinia Kola Nut 1kg

Bitter Kola Nut | Garcinia Kola Nut 1kg

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Botanical Wonder: Bitter Kola Nut, scientifically known as Garcinia kola, is a cherished botanical marvel native to West Africa. It holds a significant place in traditional medicine and local rituals, revered for its potential health benefits and cultural importance.

Natural Nutritional Source: Bitter Kola Nut is not just a cultural icon but also a valuable nutritional source. Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, it has been traditionally used for its potential medicinal properties. The nuts are often incorporated into various culinary delights and wellness practices.

100% Pure and Natural: Our Bitter Kola Nut Powder is 100% handmade, pure, and natural, with no fillers or artificial additives. It represents the essence of African botanical treasures, meticulously sourced and crafted.

Botanical Name: Garcinia kola

Origin: Sothern Africa

Drying Method: Sundried

Shelf Life: 2-3 Years

Social Impact: Your choice to embrace the revitalizing and natural ingredients of Bitter Kola Nut positively impacts the lives of low-income rural farmers in Africa. Every purchase contributes to their daily livelihoods.

Quality Assured: We take pride in delivering freshness and quality. Our Bitter Kola Nut Powder is shipped directly from Africa, ensuring the authenticity and freshness of our products. We follow stringent good manufacturing practices and produce in small batches to maintain consistent, top-notch quality.

No Compromise on Purity: At, we refuse to compromise on purity. Unlike commonly available products that contain minimal active ingredients and fillers, our commitment is to provide you with 100% natural and organic nutrient-rich superfood powders. No fillers, no binders, and no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Embrace the essence of Bitter Kola Nut, a true gift from nature, thoughtfully sourced, and handcrafted with care. Experience the richness of African botanical heritage at its finest.

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